General Caregiver Services

When you are allowing someone into your home to provide assistance, we realize the trust that is involved. Like all agencies, our caregivers are background checked. Unlike most other agencies, the vast majority of our caregivers have over 10 years of experience. We know what they are like, and we do our best to provide a great match to your personality and needs. You will not get an "I don't do that" from our caregivers. When interviewing caregivers to work for Independence Worx, we use something we call "The Family Rule". We are looking for caregivers that we would hire to care for our own family. That isn't everyone, but it is some. Whatever the need, whether low level with companionship just as important as assistance, to high level for dementia or bedridden clients, our goal is to exceed your expectations. 


Many people need help with a couple activities of daily living. These are dressing, bathing, toileting, transferring, remembering medications, meal prep and feeding. With help in some, or all, of these areas, it is reasonable and practical for a senior to stay home. Most people want to stay in their home. Few of us are anxiously waiting to go to assisted living or memory care. For the vast majority of us being in the familiar surroundings of our home, filled with the memories and special times there, is where we want to be. Even dementia patients do better at home. They know where they are and don't have some of the aggressiveness or depressed behaviors. When these diseases progress, it is better to have 1 on 1 care at that time and the home is where this can be provided.


Some clients have much greater needs. A client who is bedridden after a stroke or other disease, has ALS or one of the forms of dementia can have much more need than is typically done by a home care agencies. We have CNAs who have been trained to provide a greater level of care under the supervision of a nurse. If you or a loved one has a need for high level care and you are wondering who can provide it, please contact us and discuss the needs. We work with a nurse practitioner on a regular basis who will just supervise the CNAs or oversee the full range of care services.