Our Mission & Values

We understand the challenges you face as you or your parents get older. We have faced the same dilemmas ourselves. Most people want to stay in their homes as long as possible. It is the familiar place for them. It is comfort. It is security. It holds a lifetime of memories. The thought of leaving it for a cold, seemingly uncaring place that doesn't know you is somewhere between distasteful and frightening. The problem that arises is that staying home and caring for yourself isn't always easy, or safe. That is where we can come in. Having some assistance from someone who gets to know you and how you live can make staying home much more practical and safe. We have been there and done that. We promise we will listen to you and your concerns and do all that is in our power to provide the best care for you in the what is less than an ideal situation. We have faced the need for caregivers in our own families and pledge to provide the care that we would for our own families. 


We know that everyone's situation is unique. We are all different. How we view life, how we view our situation and our needs is different for everyone. We respect that. The things that are consistent though are the need for someone who is compassionate, that cares for you like their own family, that listens to you and truly hears you, that always has your best interest at heart. We will never say we hit this 100% of the time, but it is our goal because it is what is needed and should be expected. If we can meet it 99% of the time, we will know that we have helped a lot of people very well. 


Even if the mind is sharp, and you or your loved one remembers so many details of the day and the past, we know that sometimes people forget things. It happens to all of us and isn't always an alarm bell going off. Knowing that something was forgotten is stressful enough. Being asked and interrogated isn't what is needed. Patience and gentleness and understanding help keep stress out of your life or your loved one's. It makes life so much better. We understand that and practice it. 


We decided at the beginning to hire caregivers with experience. We look for the needle in the haystack. We utilize the "family" rule. We will only hire caregivers who we would hire to care for our own family members. We know they are out there and we look for them. You don't hire our office staff. You hire us to provide the caregiver who will be able to be the best for your situation. We work to get that right every time.