Assisted Living or In Home Care


The time comes in the lives of many seniors that there is the need for some assistance during the day. Sometimes it is help with bathing and dressing, sometimes remembering to take medications. Some seniors don't eat well because eating is a social time and they are alone. They have made meals all their lives and are tired of it. Standing in the kitchen isn't fun. If you are a male, and on your own, cooking can be a real challenge if it is more than eggs and toast. 


Because of these needs, seniors and their families look to find some alternatives for assistance. One place that is often looked into is assisted living. There are many options for assisted living. They range from smaller, locally owned residences to larger, corporately owned chains of residences. They typically provide 2 activities of daily living in the base price, and then add on as needs increase. The cost usually is between $4,000 and $6,000 per month. Many of them include one main meal each day and some include 3 meals a day. They are staffed by CNAs. You will generally see some of the same ones, but there will be different ones on different days and shifts. They are working with many different individuals so their time with each resident is limited. There are numerous activities from bingo to movie nights to talent shows to trips to various places. The schedule is usually pretty full so that you will have activities to take part in. Socialization is a major part of the assisted living experience.


Home care is the other option. The caregiver is in your home, helping you maintain your life there. We employ CNAs (certified nursing assistant) who can help with any or all the activities of daily living. Depending on the hours needed, we have a main caregiver who is always there and others as needed for hours beyond 40 per week. For most clients, that means 1 caregiver. The cost for caregivers is generally a little bit less than assisted living. If the requirement is for longer days though and multiple shifts of caregivers, the cost will be about the same. The benefit of home care is that you are living in your own home. You have your whole house, not a room or one bedroom apartment. You have your own furnishings, everything you are used to. Having one main caregiver who is always the one with you helps to establish a closer relationship and someone who understands you better. We are also in a great position to monitor your health. The caregiver can take you to a movie, out to a lunch, out to see family or friends. The caregiver can help prepare for them at your house. 


Neither is right or wrong. What is wrong is trying to put everyone into the same mold. What is right is trying to find the best situation for each individual so that aging is done safely and with dignity and we will assist you in finding whichever you choose.