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Internal medicine

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The Business We Do:
At MargaretCare, the focus of our plan of care is YOU! We believe in this model of care because we are able to take time with our Clients and provide outcome driven compassionate care wherever the patient resides. We incorporate holistic medicine whenever possible to provide attention to every healing dimension: body, mind, and spirit. We specialize in Accountable Care evaluation, diagnosis, and management of acute, chronic, and complex conditions in clients aged 15 years and over. When a Client elects our services, we
commit to visiting them within 48hrs and when necessary we offer case management, care coordination, and referrals to specialists.
Innovative care and a patient-driven approach have helped establish us as leaders in Primary Care Medicine. By emphasizing preventive medicine, transitional care coordination, risk reduction and overall wellness, MargaretCare ensures the best possible outcomes for patients.
At MargaretCare our unique preventative services focus on disease management in order to reduce occurrence and minimize complications. Your experienced personal primary care provider discusses your health goals and concerns, your lifestyle, and address any health issues you might be facing through detailed consultation and diagnostic testing.


Doctor and Patient

Our Mission:

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Phone: 346-307-7500

Fax: 866-850-7784


Our Address:

MargaretCare Katy

5446 1st St Katy Tx 77493

In today’s synthetic and sterile healthcare environment MargaretCare restores choice by listening, understanding, and attending to our patient needs, opinions, and goals of care. Whether these needs are real, or perceived, is irrespective, what is important is that the patient believes they are real. Therefore, a holistic approach to care is needed as mind, body, and spirit are examined to promote true wellness. At MargaretCare we have a formula for care, 

achieved through true advocacy, compassion, communication, clinical expertise, and collaboration.

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