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The Empowerment Alliance (TEA) is a non-profit organization created with the intention of offering assistance to those in need and helping to connect them with resources to better their lives and day-to-day experience. The organization was created by Alexandra Von Heuvel, under the mentorship of the leadership team at Margaret Care and consists of three components each with a different program head and focus area. When asked why we chose to start TEA you may hear a range of personal inspirations, but the overarching inspiration is always the same- we want to do good, to make the world a better place to the best of our ability and then some, and we know we can do so.


One component of The Empowerment Alliance is Let Me Give You a Hand, headed by Alexandra Von Heuvel. The intention of this subcomponent is focused on community education and mental health. Goals include but are not limited to:

  • Community education on generalized health and specific health issues.

    • PEP Rallies- A concept where we personalize an event for a patient and their immediate social circle to learn about their diagnosis. Framed in in a positive light as opposed to the usual gloom surrounding a new diagnosis.

  • Partnering with pet therapy groups to educate and connect the community about the positives of pet therapy.

  • Inclusion programs- Small events for professionals to gain exposure to people different to themselves through a variety of factors. Goal is to create a better sense of awareness so that one on one interactions can be held with more understanding between differing people.

We've Got Your Back is the second component of The Empowerment Alliance. It was created with the intention of focusing on raising awareness about bullying and cyber-bullying and working to prevent it as much as we can. We intend to form lasting partnerships with local school districts, after school programs, and summer camps so that we have every opportunity to educate our youths on the dangers of bullying.


Keep My Hoodie is the third, and final, component of The Empowerment Alliance. With a focus on adolescent domestic abuse we hope to educate teenagers on the signs of domestic abuse in teenage relationships and help to empower those who are in toxic relationships to identify their situation and make the proper next moves. Through partnerships with schools and other programs for teens we hope to put on educational seminars and prevent our youths from experiencing abusive relationships.

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