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Our Moral Stance

The Revolution in the Evolution of Healthcare


The question put before you is, should there be healthcare for everyone? The real question is; how are healthcare dollars utilized and who controls what is spent, when, and why? Perhaps the better question is “Who profits?”

None of us know the truth until you need it. When that happens and you experience firsthand the barriers to accessing and affording good healthcare, I hope you become angry enough. If the frustration does make you angry or makes you feel unrepresented do something about it. 


Speak up.

Even in regards to healthcare every one of us needs to remember our duty. Now more than ever we know democracy is NOT a free ride. The Covid Pandemic has taught us we cannot ignore the business of medicine any longer. Too many shortcuts have been taken and many good practices in Medicine have been ignored. There are too many lives to protect... patients, their friends and families, Front line healthcare workers, and service providers to keep the industry moving every day!. I ask again will you speak up will you ask for what you deserve. Will you reach out to Margaret Care? We are the Revolution in the Evolution in Healthcare. 

We are Nurse Practitioners and Multidisciplinary Healthcare Providers dedicated to contributing to Patient Empowerment through awareness, advocacy, and innovation ▪ Ushering a new era of truly informed and empowered patients ▪ Maximizing healthcare dollars on behalf of the informed healthcare consumer ▪ Learning how to live with a real disease, in the real world, with real world solutions                 ▪ Understanding how illness translates to a new definition of You and unanticipated personal responsibility ▪ Assisting with coordinated decisions against a timeclock, when the patient is vulnerable in a hospital gown, has an urgent need, or during an emergency when you need an expert at your side?  ▪ Assisting you in making decisions based upon the knowledge and understanding of the biggest social influencer in your life-YOU, not on uninformed decisions of others who do not know your individual needs ▪ Motivated to keep the concept of the enduring value of CARING in the forefront of healthcare  ▪ A non-partisan focus on healthcare liberties not succumbing to political bias, trends, phobias, or moral ambiguities, we are ever mindful that free will, goodness, truth, and liberty in healthcare are NOT illusions.  Indeed, they are intrinsic and objective truths to having access to quality healthcare based upon which free civilization rests.  Combatting the experience people of color battle when they receive healthcare. We are here to listen to the voices of the patients who might otherwise be ignored.  Including those whose needs are out of the box, controversial, or aimed at getting real information and lasting solutions.  We are healthcare providers motivated to effect positive changes in the industry.  Enduring values of ideas and integrities we advance and publicly champion the health and well-being of our patients.  We fight Ethnic, Minority, and Economic racial and ways differences in accessibility to healthcare —to champion accessible healthcare for those who make too much, but not enough, to afford insurance based primary care, preventative medicine, and chronic disease management. 


Agree with us? Let us know:

We may use your emailed responses as a show of support if and when we attempt to create change in healthcare through petitions and or direct contact with political leaders. If you are uncomfortable with this use of your words please say so in your message, if you do not want your name attached to your message, but don't mind if we use your message please let us know.

 Thank You for Submitting!

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