INDEPENDENCEWORX- Non Medical Provider Services

We know that the time comes for almost all of us that we need help with different things during the day.  Whether it may be due to an acute event requiring surgery, elective surgery, chronic illness, or age related deficits we are able to assist you with activities of daily living.  We are available for as little as a couple hours per day up to 24/7. 

HEMLATA AYERVEDA- Alternative Medicine

Ayurveda meaning the science and wisdom of life, is a comprehensive system of health and well-being, born 10,000 years ago, its ancient ages people worked to develop a system of life-extension, life-enhancement, and a natural approach to nourish body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda knows that our bodies are the careful balance of three elemental forces or doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha (wind, fire and the solidity of earth and water), and understands that disease and discomfort are manifestations of what’s knows as a doshic imbalance. Using Hemlata Houston Ayurveda Clinic in personalized treatments, diet changes and herbal remedies, we aim to restore balance to the body and mind, and to do so in a way that has profoundly restorative and lasting effects. When the fire of an aggravated Pitta is cooled, or the sluggishness of Kapha is stirred and activated, or the overstimulation of Vata is calmed, discomforting symptoms and associated disease naturally vanish, and, more importantly, so do their underlying causes.



We at MargaretCare, realize your health needs must include Psychological Wellness.  We formed the Behavioral Health System --The MindCompany to address an unmet need for our patients.  We take a holistic approach in using our multidisciplinary team to maximize you plan of care and ensure you mental health needs are being met in a safe judgement free environment.


Hydration and Vitamins play a key role in the overall function and well being of the human body.  Dehydration and Vitamin deficiency can lead to an impaired immune system, further disease, misdiagnosis, or even death.  We offer infusions both in-office and via mobile services in the comfort of your home.


Interaction between MargaretCare Providers, the pharmacist and the patient must occur to assure that a relationship based upon caring, trust, open communication, cooperation, and mutual decision making is established and maintained. In this relationship, the team holds the patient's welfare paramount, maintains an appropriate attitude of caring, and uses all his/her professional knowledge and skills on the patient's behalf. Based upon a thorough understanding of the patient and his/her condition or disease and its treatment, MargaretCare must, with the patient and with the patient's other healthcare providers as necessary, develop an outcomes-oriented drug therapy plan. These plans are developed according to MargaretCare/Jeff’sTopCarePharmacy clinical pathways and Disease Management Pathway Driven Comfort Kits.  The team alongside the pharmacist is responsible for monitoring the patient's progress in achieving specific outcomes according to strategy developed in the drug therapy plan.


The Empowerment Alliance (TEA) was created with the goal of supporting our community and working to make not only individual people's lives better, but working to improve the world as much as we can through our work with patients who have just received a diagnosis, teens experiencing bullying, toxic relationships/partner violence, or struggling with nutrition.


We need real time information to accurately and timely diagnosis and development of your treatment plan.  We can achieve this in the comfort of your home or office in order to maximize your access to labs & diagnostics while decreasing exposure risks in heavily populated waiting rooms.


We at the MargaretCare Cafe realize your nutrition is vital to your good health.  We provide nutritional programs tailored to your own needs and preferences.  Our goal is to maximize the building blocks of your health using good nutrition.




MargaretCare is committed to providing quality holistic primary care.  We assist you and your loved ones in navigating the complex healthcare system to maximize your access to healthcare, optimize your treatment plan, and whenever possible increase utilization of your healthcare dollars through patient advocacy.  We work with the entire multidisciplinary team to address each of your needs, Body, Mind, and Spirit!

THE CONTINUUM SENIOR LIVING - Assisted Living - Personal Care Homes

We know that everyone wants to age in place in their home.  This is not always practical.  Assisted Living is an option, but large community based living is not what everyone wants or benefits from.  A small environment of caring allow optimal setting to reduce infection control risks, tailor care to individualized needs, and promote the highest possible functional level and socialization with thepatients board and care as well as medical needs being met.

Our Locations:

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